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Sell Your Chametz


Sell Your Chametz!


When you sell chametz, you are technically leasing a specific part of your home and all of its contents (e.g., the top shelf of your freezer, or the left-hand cabinet in the garage). Please make sure that you list a very specific location, and that location will not contain anything that you intend to use during Pesach. If you need to be more specific (e.g., "the right half of the top shelf of the freezer”) in order to be accurate, that is fine.  

Please include your physical address where chametz will be kept and please describe the location in your home where the chametz will be located, as well as any locations outside of your home.

Deadline to sign up is Noon on Sunday, April 21 at noon.


Sat, April 20 2024 12 Nisan 5784